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The inspiration of wanting to be better drives us to give the best of ourselves for our clients and for our community. Their successes are ours.

Diego Gaspar de Valenzuela, Founder Partner
  • Nueva denominación
    Nueva denominación

    El despacho modifica su denominación por HADES CONSULTING.

    The firm changed its name to HADES CONSULTING.
    Le cabinet change de dénomination et devient HADES CONSULTING.
  • Elegido Mejor Gabinete
    Elegido Mejor Gabinete

    El despacho es elegido como Mejor Gabinete de Consultoría de Nouakchott por la Plataforma de Start-ups de Mauritania.

    The firm was chosen as Best Consultancy Firm in Nouakchott by the Platform of Start-ups in Mauritania.
    Le cabinet a été élu Meilleur Cabinet de Conseil de Nouakchott par la Plateforme des Start-ups de Mauritanie.

    Alianza estratégica con Indegate Consulting. El despacho se integra en la red internacional de consultoría con presencia en los 5 continentes.

    Strategic partnership with Indegate Consulting. The firm joined the international consultancy network with a presence on 5 continents.
    Alliance stratégique avec Indegate Consulting. Le cabinet intègre le réseau international de conseil. Il est présent sur les 5 continents.
  • Nueva integración
    Nueva Integración

    El despacho se integra en la red del Bufete Ignacio Fernández, para fortalecer las relaciones jurídicas bilaterales entre Europa y África.

    The firm joined the Bufete Ignacio Fernández network to strengthen bilateral legal relations between Europe and Africa.
    Le cabinet a intégré le réseau du Cabinet Ignacio Fernández, afin de consolider les relations juridiques bilatérales entre l’Europe et l’Afrique.
  • Integración

    El despacho se integra en la red internacional Pro-Link Keiretsu Global, de presencia internacional, desarrollando servicios de inmigración, relocalización y labour compliance.

    The firm joined the Pro-Link Keiretsu Global international network, carrying out immigration, relocation and employment compliance activities.
    Le cabinet intègre le réseau international Pro-Link Keiretsu Global, ayant une présence internationale et qui offre des services d’immigration, de relocalisation et de labour compliance.
  • Posición

    El despacho se posiciona en Nouakchott como una firma de gran atractivo y su oferta comienza a ganar mercado en Mauritania.

    The highly successful firm set up an office in Nouakchott and its services started to gain market share in Mauritania.
    Le cabinet est positionné à Nouakchott comme une firme très attractive et qui commence à gagner des parts de marché en Mauritanie.
  • Fundación

    Fundación del despacho, bajo las siglas B&GV Asociados. La demanda de una estructura que aúne profesionalidad, calidad y know-how tiene su respuesta en la creación de la sociedad.

    The firm was founded, under the initials B&GV Asociados. The company was founded in response to demand for a structure that combines professionalism, quality and know-how.

    Fondation de la société sous les sigles B & GV Associés. La demande d’une structure alliant professionnalisme, qualité et savoir-faire a naturellement mené à la création de la société.


We have certain values that govern all of our staff. They are the foundations of our identity and define how we act.


  • We lead by example.
  • As a firm and individually, we act to set an example of what we expect of ourselves and others. We work as a team, bringing out the best in everyone and creating strong, success-oriented teams.
  • We respect people.
  • For who they are, for their knowledge, skills and experience as individuals and for what they contribute as a member of a team.
  • We analyse the facts to provide our professional judgement.
  • By questioning the facts and searching for information, we strengthen our reputation as objective advisers who can be trusted.
  • We communicate openly and sincerely.
  • We share information, knowledge and advice frequently and constructively, tackling difficult situations with enthusiasm and frankness.
  • We are committed to society.
  • We act responsibly, developing our skills, experience and perspectives through our work in the community.
  • Above all, we act with integrity.
  • We maintain our professionalism, objectivity and excellent quality of service, as well as our independence, at all times.
  • We work as a team.
  • We bring out the best in everyone and create strong, success-oriented teams.
Diego Gaspar de Valenzuela Cueto
Founder Partner, Managing Director and head of the legal and tax departments.
Cheikh Tidjani N’Diaye
Head of Accounting and Auditing.
Mamadou Kane
Accounting, tax and auditing officer.
Edwige Marcelle Djoufa
Head of administration and accounts management.
Mariem Kane
Head of personnel management for our clients.
Coulibaly Bakary
Accounting officer for our clients.
Ahmed Baba
Accounting officer for our clients.
Hanna El Hachim
Internal administration and accounts management.