Tax advice – optimisation

Tax aspects can be decisive when choosing between different approaches for managing certain operations such as mergers, demergers, assignment of assets or operations with consequences in several jurisdictions. For this reason, in the tax sector we attach great importance to responsible tax planning that helps our clients choose between the various options, those that are the most tax efficient whilst complying with the tax system in force.

In the various specialisations that make up the tax department of HADES CONSULTING, we have teams of professionals who are national and international tax experts as well as having knowledge of the sector that allows us to identify the needs of each business. Together with the option of forming multidisciplinary teams to deal with projects as necessary, this allows us to offer high-quality tailored advice to our clients.

The global networks to which we belong enable us to provide global services in each area of specialisation where the client requires it.

  • Advice on tax issues related to their business. State and local taxes, rates, utility fees and other taxes required by various public administrations.
  • Continuous updating of new tax regulations and administrative criteria that may affect current or future economic activities.
  • Formalisation of possible tax obligations and declarations in accordance with domestic law.
  • Planning and advice on the appropriation of retained earnings and existing tax incentives.
  • Advice and, if applicable, drafting of relevant documents to respond in a timely and proper fashion to possible tax requirements that may be issued by the Mauritanian tax authorities.