Preliminary study and setting up a business

One of our firm’s specialisations is the founding and setting up of international businesses, with support during the implementation study and in decision-making to put it into practice.

In this way, we know your business from the beginning with the aim of more easily providing subsequent continuous advice on day-to-day management in the areas of law, tax, accounting and employment.

In order to minimise the concerns and risks inherent in such a decision, our team offers you personalised advice tailored to your project during this process, advising on the commercial instrument options for carrying out the planned activities in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania and their impact on tax, social and commercial issues.

Our firm offers you a ‘turnkey’ service in the founding of your company (holding/subsidiary/branch), carrying out and supporting you in all the actions necessary for it to be founded and fully operational, such as:

  • Application for a company name
  • Opening a bank account
  • Payment of share capital
  • Obtaining residence cards for its shareholders and legal representatives
  • Studying and writing the Articles of Association
  • Preparing the deed of incorporation of the company and arranging for it to be signed in the presence of the notary public.
  • Arranging for it to be registered with the Commercial Registry and other local authorities.

Our firm will offer you a comprehensive service and advice on the founding of your company (holding/subsidiary/branch) for a fixed price. Our firm will indicate, in advance, the total cost and timeframe of all this, with no surprises.

In addition, if necessary, HADES CONSULTING can offer you an address to domicile your company in the initial phase, as well as the option of using our staff to carry out your first commercial and/or administrative activities through ‘joint secretarial staff’.