International tenders and expansion

International tenders

  • Technical advice on preparation and follow-up of dossiers
  • Assistance in finding local partners

International expansion

  • Tailored internationalisation programmes: design and management of programmes for the internationalisation of your business or ad-hoc trade missions.
  • Foreign investment: attracting foreign investment in partnership with both public and private bodies.
  • Market information: Supply of key and reliable market information to simplify your research process prior to the trade or internationalisation mission.
  • Events and fairs: organising your participation in a fair or event, from preliminary tasks, contacts and agenda to post-fair follow-up tasks.
  • Human resources: searching for and selecting the best staff for your needs.
  • Training: We deliver specialised seminars and webinars with the objective of offering the keys to success in the different phases of export, import and setting up abroad: how to select foreign target markets, how to search for and select foreign partners, payment methods with international markets, international negotiation and a long list of seminars on request.