Commercial legal advice

We are a team of professionals with extensive experience in advising businesses, both national and international, and individuals on corporate law, commercial contracts and commercial law, and civil law in general.

Within this area, we provide advice on issues such as:

  • Corporate law in general, including the incorporation, dissolution or liquidation of companies and ongoing advice throughout the life of all kinds of commercial companies, including changes to the Articles of Association, increases and reductions in capital, removal and appointment of board members, granting and revocation of powers of attorney, etc., as well as the performance of the duties of non-board member secretary of the Board of Directors and legal adviser of the companies.
  • Incorporation, dissolution or liquidation of Economic Interest Groupings, foundations, branches, liaison offices and joint ventures, as well as ongoing related commercial advice.
  • Monitoring of compliance with the company’s obligations in relation to the preparation, approval and filing of annual accounts and checking the validity and/or expiration of positions on the governing body and powers of attorney granted.
  • Carrying out processes of due diligence or vendor due diligence.
  • Preparation and negotiation of family protocols.
  • Issuing legal opinions on the scope and interpretation of clauses of contracts of which there are different interpretations.
  • Advice on planning alternatives, design and implementation of company reorganisation processes (including mergers, demergers, spin-offs, contributions in kind, exchange of securities, global assignment of assets and liabilities, etc.) until registration, always with a multidisciplinary approach.